What is Qvevri?

The Oldest Wine Vessel

Georgian Qvevri is the oldest and unique wine vessel in the world which dates 8000 years back. Qvevri wine-making method was given UNESCO status of non-material cultural heritage. The oldest wine vessel in Georgia was found on the territory of Marneuli. It is dated VI-V centuries B.C.

Georgian Qvevri Today

Georgian Qvevri is made of clay. It is used for fermentation, aging and keeping of wine. Georgian Qvevri is always put into ground till its neck, so it takes lots of skills and labor to keep and maintain it. In Eastern Georgia Qvevri is usually kept in cellars while in Western Georgia they keep it outdoors.

Qvevri Wine

Qvevri wine method is special because grape juice is fermented together with grape skin and seeds. Next, wine is matured on fermented Chacha (which is called “Mother of Wine” in Georgia) for six months, until spring. After this process we get naturally filtered, crystal clear amber colored wine which is much extracted. Qvevri wine has unique aroma and flavor which is characteristic only for this type of wines.