Triumph at WineExpo 2023

Triumph at WineExpo 2023

Triumph at WineExpo 2023

Triumph at WineExpo 2023

On June 2-4, the 15th international exhibition of wine and alcoholic beverages WINEXPO 2023 was held in ExpoGeorgia.

    The 13th international wine competition was held within the framework of the exhibition, where wine samples were evaluated by representatives of seven countries on the principle of blind tasting. A total of 9 gold medals and 3 trophies were awarded out of 300 samples.

    Mildiani Family Winery presented 8 wines and all of them won medals. Among them, two wines were awarded with a trophy.

In total, Mildiani wines won 10 awards: 2 trophies, three gold, three silver and two bronze.

These wines are:

Gold and trophy - Khikhvi Qvevri 2018

Gold and trophy - Saperavi Reserve 2013

Gold - Kisi Qvevri 2015

Silver - Mukuzani Reserve 2018

Silver - Rkatsiteli Reserve 2018

Silver - Tsinandali Reserve 2018

Bronze - Saperavi Khashmi 2019

Bronze - Tvish 2021


    It should be noted that the interest in WineExpo is growing every year, which is clearly reflected in the number of visitors and the interested public.

   This certainly indicates the prestige of the exhibition, the increased interest in Georgian wine and the progress of Georgian winemaking.

   It is always a matter of pride and importance for us to participate in both the Wine Expo and the wine competition. We would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition, the members of the competition jury and every guest who came.

  We will gladly wait until next summer to be a part of these beautiful days again.

Author: Mildiani
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